Power Of Gratitude

Expressing your kind words for someone who helped you in a difficult time or provided you a #lollipop-moment is definitely act of courage and after all being thankful to people makes you: positive and humble.

I’m writing this in blog here for a tiny reminder that if you get stuck somewhere or even if you achieve something and for a while reflect back on your life: remember to pay thanks to the people who helped you, motivated you and owing to their support, you didn’t quit. Today we all will be thanking the people who gave us limelight and were there for us. As a token of love and expression of gratitude I made cards for people who helped me a lot. I’ll be sending them by post & I hope it will be a surprise for them ;)

thanks giving DIY cards made by me

Thinking of being responsible for upbringing the society, applying the learned skills & ideas to Serve Nation and Humanity as a whole by Jawad & AMC is really appreciable. Despite the meagre resources from start and the halts in project completion and development, they didn't stop for an instance to work their ideas: "Work For Cause". This motivated me as an individual to play role on my part for my community as well. For a purpose to work-out; there is no excuse!

Ayesha Zia

Ayesha Zia

A passionate learner, psych graduate, Science Student with artistic nature.